My Story

About Matt Musico

Are you wondering, “Who the heck is the guy behind this thing?” Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore because it’s me, Matt Musico (you can find me on Twitter at @mmusico8). I’ve loved baseball my whole life, which has included a strong emphasis on the New York Mets (I know, it was a rough childhood most of the time). 

After my playing days were done more than 10 years ago, I did a little coaching. Once that was done, I then shifted gears toward writing about baseball, and that’s more or less been the case ever since. I started my own baseball blog and soon got opportunities to write for places like FanSided, Yahoo! Sports, and Bleacher Report. I took this hobby full-time with FanDuel and numberFire for a few years before solely focusing on baseball at various places. I’m currently an editor for XL Media’s ESNY, which is a New York sports-based website. I do a little bit of everything, but my main focus is on baseball and the Mets. 

I’ve always enjoyed looking back at baseball history, including meaningful games and moments. Starting @MLBDailyDingers on Twitter has been incredibly fun, and I initially had no idea if anyone thought it’d be cool (outside of myself, of course). I soon realized that watching past home run clips can evoke quite a bit of nostalgia for some people. That’s probably been the best part of this project, and I’m hoping it continues here on the blog, with my goal being to start a community of people who love talking and reminiscing about home runs.