Postseason Home Run Leaders: The Definitive Guide

By Ryosuke Yagi via Wikimedia Commons

This will become the definitive guide for postseason home run leaders in MLB history.

If you’re looking to find:

  • Players with the most postseason home runs in a career
  • Players with the most home runs in a single postseason
  • Each MLB team’s career postseason home run king
  • The longest postseason home runs during the Statcast era
  • Team-specific postseason home run leaderboards
  • Wild Card Series home run leaders
  • Division Series home run leaders
  • ALCS home run leaders
  • NLCS home run leaders
  • World Series home run leaders
  • Other Memorable Postseason HR Moments

Then you’re in the right place. As we continue to add content to the site, the appropriate subjects will be highlighted below.

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Postseason Home Run Leaders: The Definitive Guide

Most Career Postseason Home Runs

Way back in the day, MLB teams heading to the playoffs meant they went directly to the World Series. As the league has expanded over the years, though, so have the playoffs.

First, it was the NLCS and ALCS before the Division Series was added in each league. Then came the wild-card era, both in 1995 and 2012, when the second wild card became official. There were expanded playoffs in 2020 because of the pandemic-shortened season, as well. But now with a new Collective Bargaining Agreement in place for 2022 and beyond, the postseason field will expand from 10 to 12 teams.

This is a long way of saying that the below list will likely continue to change quite a bit soon. As players have shown in recent years, when given more opportunities to play, they’ll slug more homers. For now, here are the career postseason home run leaders:

Watch plenty of October blasts while getting some context behind each of their performances here.

Most Home Runs in a Single Postseason

Remember that whole bit about expanded playoffs changing the career postseason home run leaders a lot? The same goes for the single-postseason leaders. What’s amazing here is that there are 10 dudes within three homers of one another. Here’s the list:

Watch each of these performances and learn more about what makes them unique here.

Postseason Home Run Leaders for Each MLB Team

Similar to what we did for career and single-season home run leaders, there is postseason home run royalty within each organization. We just have to make sure they get more attention for their efforts. We try and do that here by listing out each squad’s career home run leader:

Get more details about these performances — and, of course, videos — by checking it out right here.

Longest Postseason Home Runs Since 2015

The Statcast era has officially been in effect since the 2015 season. It gives us the most accurate measurement of different areas of the game we’ve ever seen. That includes home runs. Here are the 15 longest postseason homers during this time:

Get more information on these players — and check out videos of their dingers — right here.

Team-Specific Postseason Home Run Leaderboards

As you can see above, we have each MLB team’s postseason home run king. We will eventually build out leaderboards for each squad, similar to what we’ve done for single-season and career home run leaders. For now, here’s the top of the leaderboard for each club.

Arizona Diamondbacks

Atlanta Braves

Baltimore Orioles

Boston Red Sox

Chicago Cubs

Chicago White Sox

Cincinnati Reds

Cleveland Guardians

Colorado Rockies

Detroit Tigers

Houston Astros

Kansas City Royals

Los Angeles Angels

Los Angeles Dodgers

Miami Marlins

Milwaukee Brewers

Minnesota Twins

New York Mets

New York Yankees

Oakland Athletics

Philadelphia Phillies

Pittsburgh Pirates

San Diego Padres

San Francisco Giants

Seattle Mariners

St. Louis Cardinals

Tampa Bay Rays

Texas Rangers

Toronto Blue Jays

Washington Nationals

As we start building out these leaderboards, each article will be hyperlinked to the team name.

Wild Card Series Home Run Leaders

MLB has fielded an expanded postseason just three times thus far (2020, 2022, 2023). So, the single-season and career home run leaders are the same for now. There’s also a 10-way tie at the top with two homers apiece for the following guys:

Head this way to learn more about their performances and watch videos of their home runs.

Division Series Home Run Leaders

The Division Series era didn’t become a thing until the 1995 playoffs when MLB introduced the idea of having a Wild Card team from each league qualify for the postseason. Here’s what the top of the leaderboard looks like:

Learn more about the career Division Series home run leaders, as well as which players have hit the most in a single Division Series right here.

ALCS Home Run Leaders

Before the LCS became a thing, teams qualifying for the playoffs meant they went straight to the Fall Classic. This portion of the playoffs was first instituted in 1969 when the league expanded to Eastern and Western divisions.

Here are the players who have hit the most ALCS home runs over their careers:

And here are the players who have hit the most home runs in a single ALCS:

To get more details on these performances, videos to enjoy, and a full list of career ALCS home run leaders, check out our post about it.

NLCS Home Run Leaders

Since we have the ALCS home run leaders above, you knew we obviously had to do a post about the NLCS home run leaders, right?

Here are the players who have hit the most NLCS home runs over their careers:

  • Kyle Schwarber: 11 Home Runs
  • Albert Pujols: 10
  • Carlos Beltran: 8
  • Steve Garvey: 8
  • Corey Seager: 7
  • Jim Edmonds: 6

And here are the players who have hit the most home runs in a single NLCS:

  • Kyle Schwarber, 2023: 5 Home Runs
  • Corey Seager, 2020: 5
  • Rhys Hoskins, 2022: 4
  • Daniel Murphy, 2015: 4
  • Carlos Beltran, 2004: 4
  • Albert Pujols, 2004: 4
  • Jeffrey Leonard, 1987: 4
  • Steve Garvey, 1978: 4
  • Bob Robertson, 1971: 4

To get more details on these performances, videos to enjoy, and a full list of career NLCS home run leaders, check out our post about it.

World Series Home Run Leaders

The World Series, as we know it, has been played every single year since 1903. That’s with the exception of 1994 because of the strike. You’ll see that the below list has a heavy Yankees influence. That’ll happen when a team has 40 total appearances in the Fall Classic throughout its history.

If you’d like to get more details about these sluggers in the Fall Classic, as well as who makes up the remainder of the top 25, check out our article here.

Other Memorable Postseason HR Moments

What Did Bryce Harper Say to Alec Bohm?

After hitting a first-inning home run in Game 3 of the 2022 World Series, Bryce Harper called Alec Bohm over from the on-deck circle to whisper something in his ear. Bohm followed that with a first-pitch homer. So, what did Harper say? Read about what we know right here.

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