How to Start a Sports Blog

how to start a sports blog

The Definitive How-To Guide to Learn How to Start a Sports Blog

It’s time to finally follow your dream. Becoming a sports blogger is easily attainable. Having prior connections and/or formal education is no longer necessary to learn how to start a sports blog. Giving yourself the platform you’ve always wanted is a grind, but it’s rewarding when done right.

Too many people get excited and begin without a plan in place. Athletes don’t enter a game without preparing and neither should you. Sports Blogging 101 is your guide.

You’ve got something to say to the world. Your sports opinion – and the delivery of that opinion – is unique from any other writer or blogger in the industry. Don’t keep it from readers any longer.

Countless internet articles say starting and building a blog is easy. That’s not true, and they don’t dive into the small details about what works and what doesn’t. That’s why I wrote this book (and updated it with a second edition). I use my journey – which includes lots of trial and error – at places like Bleacher Report, Yahoo! Sports, numberFire, FanSided, FanDuel Insider, and more as a way to help you put together a plan that won’t overwhelm you from the start.

In this book, you’ll:

— Officially become a sports blogger within minutes.
— Find out why a content strategy is key to your sanity.
— Learn options for how this can become a legit side income or even a full-time career.

Between both editions of this book, Sports Blogging 101 has received 30 Five-Star reviews on Amazon. If you’d like to immediately download a PDF version, you can purchase it at my Etsy shop. If you’d prefer the paperback version, head over the Amazon and secure your copy today.