Best Baseball Glove Brands: 29 Top Choices from 12 Brands

best baseball glove brands

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Every piece of baseball equipment is important to a player’s success. However, there’s just something about a baseball glove that makes it a little more special. It’s essentially an extension of you while you’re on the diamond! There are tons of choices to sift through out on the open market, but what are some of the best baseball glove brands?

That’s what we’re going to talk about below. Everyone comes in with a different situation, whether it’s the position they play, budget, or personal preference. Regardless of your situation, there’s a baseball glove brand out there that you’re bound to fall in love with.

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5 Best Baseball Glove Brands

My 12 favorite baseball glove brands are listed below. I like the first five the most, so they’ll get a little extra love in the form of a short blurb and three top options for each.


Wilson is a top-performing baseball brand known for their A2000 series. Their gloves are made of premium leather that ensures durability and a high-performance feel.


Rawlings is another popular baseball brand that’s been around for quite a while. Since 1887, to be exact. They offer a wide range of gloves. The Heart of the Hide series is a popular one, and Rawlings gloves overall are known for their durability and comfort.


As a former baseball player, Mizuno is my favorite baseball glove brand. Partially because it was the brand of my first glove, and I was hooked from that moment on. Mizuno’s Pro Select series is made of top-grain leather and provides a comfortable fit. Their gloves are known for durability and excellent craftsmanship.


I didn’t really get into Akadema baseball gloves until I got to college. Once I got exposed, though, I wished it had happened sooner. Akadema is a well-known baseball glove brand that’s gained recognition for producing high-quality baseball and softball gloves. They’re popular for their innovative glove designs and commitment to craftsmanship


If you take one look at Nokona gloves, you’ll see that these bad boys aren’t cheap. However, a high price tag comes with high quality. Nokona has been around since 1934. Their gloves are crafted with high-quality and performance leather. The signature glove for the company is the classic Walnut Series. This glove provides terrific stability, durability, and a game-ready feel.

best baseball glove brands

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Rest of the Top 12 Best Baseball Glove Brands

The following six baseball glove brands are also excellent: Marucci, Easton, Franklin, SSK, All-Star, Under Armour, and Louisville Slugger. Here are two options from each of those






Under Armour

Louisville Slugger

What to Consider When Choosing a Brand

Material Quality

Look for gloves made with high-quality leather. It’s durable and provides a good feel while you’re on the diamond. Synthetic gloves are also available, but they may not last as long as gloves made with leather.


Some brands are more expensive than others. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re better. Finding the perfect glove involves several factors. That includes what’s within your budget.

Brand Reputation

Before deciding to go with a particular baseball glove brand, be sure they have a good reputation for producing high-quality gloves that last a while.

How to Care for Your Baseball Glove

Cleaning Your Glove

We have an entire article dedicated to properly cleaning your baseball glove, but here are the most important points:

  • Remove any dirt/debris from the glove with a stiff-bristled brush or cloth
  • If possible, remove the laces to clean them separately
  • Use mild soap and warm water to clean your glove, but not too much because it can damage the leather
  • Let your glove air dry naturally while avoiding direct sunlight or using a heat source
  • Once that’s done, apply a leather conditioner to keep the leather soft and supple.

Oiling Your Glove

We also have an entire article that walks you through the process of oiling your glove the right way. Here are the reasons why you should make it a priority:

  • Softens the leather: Oiling a new glove helps soften the leather. This makes it easier to catch and grip the ball.
  • Prevents cracking: Leather can dry out and crack over time, especially if exposed to heat and humidity. Oiling lubricates the glove and prevents that from happening.
  • Extends the life of your beloved glove: Regular oiling can extend the life of the glove by keeping the leather in good condition. And we all know how attached we get to our gloves.
  • Improves performance: A well-oiled glove can improve your performance by providing a better grip and feel of the ball. The difference between a broken-in glove and one that’s not is pretty evident.

A lot of thought goes into what baseball glove brand you’ll ultimately trust. What’s most important to remember, though, is what your wants and needs are. Think about the position(s) you play, the size and fit of your glove, and the materials used to make them. You might pick one brand, not like it, and eventually want to try a different one. That’s OK — it’s part of figuring out what you really need to be successful.

Investing in a high-quality baseball glove that you trust can make a big difference in your on-field performance. Take the time to research and choose a glove that will help you play your best.

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