2024 Shohei Ohtani Home Run Tracker (Stats & Videos)

shohei ohtani home run tracker

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Two-way superstar Shohei Ohtani rocked the baseball world by signing a 10-year, $700 million deal as a free agent to join the Los Angeles Dodgers this past winter. We’re very excited to see him launch taters with his new team for the foreseeable future. That’s why we’re firing up our 2024 Shohei Ohtani Home Run Tracker.

This will work just like our 2023 trackers. Once Ohtani starts launching balls over the wall at Dodger Stadium and all over the league, we’ll keep track of his progress here. For each dinger slugged, we will include information on the date, opponent, distance, exit velocity, and a video.

Shohei Ohtani’s Home Runs Through the Years

Ohtani’s offensive breakout took a few years to happen after making his MLB debut with the Los Angeles Angels. But once it happened, the rest has been history. Between 2018 and 2020, Ohtani slashed .269/.340/.503 with 47 homers, 47 doubles, 147 RBI, and 133 runs scored in 967 plate appearances. He didn’t accumulate more than 425 plate appearances in a season.

That changed in 2021 when he racked up 639 plate appearances. He didn’t fall below 599 trips to the plate between 2021-24, and the results speak for themselves. Ohtani entered 2024 with three straight seasons of 30-plus homers. He’s surpassed 40 homers on two of those occasions (46 in 2021 and 44 in 2023) and has found himself toward the top of the Angels’ single-season home run leaderboard.

Ohtani also put up terrific numbers on the mound, making it easy to draw constant comparisons between him and Babe Ruth. It’s incredibly fun to look through his Baseball Reference page to see what he’s accomplished over the years.

Before leaving the Angels for the Dodgers, Ohtani won two AL MVP Awards. And if it wasn’t for Aaron Judge and his American League record 62 homers in 2022, he would’ve won the award three straight seasons.

Get more details (and videos) about Ohtani’s home runs through the years here.

Which Month of the Season is Ohtani’s Favorite?

We’ve seen patterns in Ohtani’s offense throughout the regular season well before he ever donned Dodger blue for the first time. Here’s a month-by-month breakdown of the slugger’s OPS, homers, and RBI so far during his career (all stats current as of June 3, 2024):

  • ​March/April: .929, 30, 79
  • May: .856, 34, 102
  • June: 1.184, 43, 91
  • July: .899, 31, 66
  • August: .883, 28, 82
  • Sept/Oct: .856, 19, 55

It’s easy to see that June has been Ohtani’s favorite month of the year to hit. Since the two-way star is only hitting in 2024 and not trying to also chase a Cy Young Award, his hitting abilities will give him a legitimate chance to win the NL MVP Award strictly as L.A.’s designated hitter.

The Milestones Ohtani Has Already Reached in 2024

There are two specific records/clubs Ohtani joined early on during the 2024 season. He entered the year with 171 career homers, which was four behind Hideki Matsui for the most all-time in MLB history by a Japanese-born player. It didn’t take him long to etch his name at the top of this list. As of June 3, 2024, Ohtani’s home run number is sitting at 185 (and counting, obviously).

Something that has consistently flown under the radar is Ohtani’s ability to grab a stolen base here and there. He’s already racked up two 20-20 campaigns in his career, one of which came last season in 2023. Ohtani has six years of at least 10-plus steals under his belt already.

​Upon swiping his 100th career base, he joined Ichiro Suzuki as the only two Japanese players with 100 homers and 100 steals.

2024 Shohei Ohtani Home Run Tracker

Home Run No. 1: April 3 vs. San Francisco Giants

Distance: 430 feet

Exit Velocity: 105.6 mph

Home Run No. 2: April 5 vs. Chicago Cubs

Distance: 379 feet

Exit Velocity: 105.2 mph

Home Run No. 3: April 8 vs. Minnesota Twins

Distance: 362 feet

Exit Velocity: 106.9 mph

Home Run No. 4: April 12 vs. San Diego Padres

Distance: 403 feet

Exit Velocity: 107.3 mph

Home Run No. 5: April 21 vs. New York Mets

Distance: 423 feet

Exit Velocity: 110 mph

Home Run No. 6: April 23 vs. Washington Nationals

Distance: 450 feet

Exit Velocity: 118.7 mph

Home Run No. 7: April 26 vs. Toronto Blue Jays

Distance: 360 feet

Exit Velocity: 96.1 mph

Home Run No. 8: May 4 vs. Atlanta Braves

Distance: 392 feet

Exit Velocity: 103.4 mph

Home Run No. 9: May 5 vs. Atlanta Braves

Distance: 412 feet

Exit Velocity: 104.3 mph

Home Run No. 10: May 5 vs. Atlanta Braves

Distance: 464 feet

Exit Velocity: 110.6 mph

Home Run No. 11: May 6 vs. Miami Marlins

Distance: 441 feet

Exit Velocity: 107.6 mph

Home Run No. 12: May 14 vs. San Francisco Giants

Distance: 446 feet

Exit Velocity: 113.4 mph

Home Run No. 13: May 17 vs. Cincinnati Reds

Distance: 368 feet

Exit Velocity: 104.5 mph

Home Run No. 14: May 29 vs. New York Mets

Distance: 380 feet

Exit Velocity: 103 mph

Home Run No. 15: June 5 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates

Distance: 415 feet

Exit Velocity: 105.6 mph

Home Run No. 16: June 11 vs. Texas Rangers

Distance: 433 feet

Exit Velocity: 114.2 mph

Home Run No. 17: June 12 vs. Texas Rangers

Distance: 424 feet

Exit Velocity: 105.2 mph

Home Run No. 18: June 16 vs. Kansas City Royals

Distance: 451 feet

Exit Velocity: 114.3 mph

Home Run No. 19: June 16 vs. Kansas City Royals

Distance: 400 feet

Exit Velocity: 110.7 mph

Home Run No. 20: June 18 vs. Colorado Rockies

Distance: 476 feet

Exit Velocity: 113 mph

Home Run No. 21: June 20 vs. Colorado Rockies

Distance: 427 feet

Exit Velocity: 101.5 mph

Home Run No. 22: June 21 vs. Los Angeles Angels

Distance: 455 feet

Exit Velocity: 113.1 mph

Home Run No. 23: June 22 vs. Los Angeles Angels

Distance: 459 feet

Exit Velocity: 115.5 mph

Home Run No. 24: June 25 vs. Chicago White Sox

Distance: 376 feet

Exit Velocity: 93.8 mph

Home Run No. 25: June 26 vs. Chicago White Sox

Distance: 437 feet

Exit Velocity: 113.9 mph

Home Run No. 26: June 29 vs. San Francisco Giants

Distance: 412 feet

Exit Velocity: 109.7 mph

Home Run No. 27: July 2 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks

Distance: 433 feet

Exit Velocity: 112 mph

Home Run No. 28: July 6 vs. Milwaukee Brewers

Distance: 430 feet

Exit Velocity: 109.9 mph

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the longest home run Shohei Ohtani has hit?

The longest home run of Shohei Ohtani’s career sailed 493 feet. He accomplished this feat on June 30, 2023.

Which Japanese player holds the record for the most MLB home runs?

Shohei Ohtani is the MLB record holder for most career homers by a Japanese-born player. As of June 3, 2024, he’s slugged 185 homers.

How many games did it take Ohtani to hit 100 home runs?

It took Shohei Ohtani just 444 career games to reach the 100-homer plateau.

What is Shohei Ohtani’s salary?

Shohei Ohtani signed a historic 10-year, $700 million contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers in December 2023. He also agreed to defer $680 million of his contract. He’ll earn $2 million per season through 2033 before earning $68 million per year from 2034-43.

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