33 Awesome Baseball Hats That’ll Make Everyone Jealous

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Last Updated on June 22, 2022 by Matt Musico

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One of the best parts of going to a Major League Baseball game is heading to the stadium and seeing all the different baseball hats represented. If you love baseball, there’s more than a good chance you have at least a few hats in your collection you like to call upon at the right time.

Where should you start? The options are literally endless thanks to the internet, but we’ve taken some time to compile terrific choices. First, we’ll do a tip of the cap to the baseball hats available in the MLB Daily Dinger Shop before also going through Fanatics’ MLB Shop for one sweet hat from each big-league club.

MLBDD Baseball Hats

We have three different designs of baseball hats available at the moment. They include our coveted logo, the Home Run Scorebook, and Big Dinger Energy. Here’s an example of each, but you have your choice as to which design you’d like on a certain hat.

Daily Dingers Trucker Cap


Price: $18.49

This is one of my personal favorites, especially because of the choices available for color contrast. Plus, I’m a little biased because I think Daily Dingers is very cool. You can purchase this hat in the above color scheme (white/black), all black, or black/white.

Home Run Scorebook Baseball Cap


Price: $20.49

Have you ever scored a baseball game while watching it? I remember doing it at some big-league games but also taking a peek at the book while playing to remind myself how I was doing at the plate. There’s nothing better than looking at a scorebook and seeing a bunch of diamonds colored in, so we thought it’d be great on some gear, like this baseball hat. Sizes come in small/medium and large/extra-large. You can purchase this hat in navy or in black.

Big Dinger Energy Snapback Baseball Cap


Price: $19.99

Now more than ever, hitting home runs is a whole vibe. The Big Dinger Energy design is our bestseller and for good reason! This hat’s size is adjustable with a flat brim and has a contrasting green underside. You can purchase this hat in heather gray (above), navy, red, or black.

MLB Shop Baseball Hats

Arizona Diamondbacks


Brand: Arizona Diamondbacks New Era Red 2022 Batting Practice 59FIFTY Fitted Hat

Price: $41.99

There are so many things I like about this hat. The two big things are the color, which makes it stick out, and the logo on the front is different than what you’d typically see from classic DBacks hats. Get more info about this baseball hat and all other Diamondbacks caps at the MLB Shop.

Atlanta Braves


Brand: Atlanta Braves New Era White Cooperstown Collection Turn Back The Clock Hank Aaron 59FIFTY Fitted Hat

Price: $39.99

I almost put the gold World Series champion baseball hats here because, well, what’s more swaggy than a hat with a patch like that? But, I’m always drawn to this throwback Braves logo and color scheme. It’s hard to beat. Grab your size here, and if you’re looking for other Braves hats, check out all the options available here.

Baltimore Orioles

Brand: Baltimore Orioles ’47 Black Burden Trucker Snapback Hat

Price: $29.99

When I think of the Orioles, this is the logo that comes to mind. The contrast of colors is excellent and it looks incredibly comfortable for a day at Camden Yards. Snag your own here, and if you’re looking for other O’s baseball hats (there are lots of great designs), check them out here.

Boston Red Sox


Brand: Boston Red Sox New Era Navy Side Patch 2004 World Series 59FIFTY Fitted Hat

Price: $41.99

I was honestly going to go with one of the sweet Red Sox hats that just has a pair of socks on the front, but rocking a baseball hat with the 2004 World Series logo is just too baller to pass up. You can get it here, and you can browse all the other Red Sox-specific baseball hats here.

Chicago Cubs


Brand: Chicago Cubs New Era White 2022 Batting Practice 59FIFTY Fitted Hat

Price: $41.99

There aren’t many logos in baseball more iconic than the Cubs’ “C”, but getting one with an actual cub on it is even better in my eyes. Plus, this specific color scheme sticks out among the likely sea of blue and red you’d typically see in Wrigleyville. See if your size is available, but there are also plenty of other Cubs hats with the cub on it (and others) available.

Chicago White Sox


Brand: Chicago White Sox New Era White/Red Authentic Collection On-Field 59FIFTY Fitted Hat

Price: $41.99

You’re going to be able to tell quickly, but I’m a sucker for a good throwback hat. I’m like a moth to light with that stuff — once I see it, I can’t stop thinking about it. See if your size is available here, but if it’s not, there are tons of other terrific styles for White Sox hats to choose from.

Cincinnati Reds


Brand: Cincinnati Reds New Era Black 2022 Clubhouse Cooperstown Collection 59FIFTY Fitted Hat

Price: $39.99

The Reds may not be having the best 2022 season, but my goodness they have some awesome gear. I know there are none of the classic colors on this hat, but I love the black background with the mascot’s face right in the middle. Grab one in your size here, but if you prefer a more traditional Reds hat (which I can understand and appreciate), see what else is available.

Cleveland Guardians


Brand: Cleveland Guardians New Era Navy/Red Home Authentic Collection On-Field 59FIFTY Fitted Hat

Price: $41.99

This is one of those unique times where all fans of a team need to get some new gear because of the Guardians’ name change. I didn’t see any good ones with the new logo on them, so we have to go with a classic one to start re-building the collection. Grab it here and see what else is available in the Guardians’ portion of the MLB Shop.

Colorado Rockies


Brand: Colorado Rockies New Era Black 2022 Batting Practice Team Low Profile 59FIFTY Fitted Hat

Price: $41.99

I see tons of Rockies hats with the “CR” on the front, but I don’t see nearly as many that have the mountain with a baseball flying over it. For someone who loves home runs as much as I do, you knew that was going to be my choice. Get yours here, and see what other Rockies hats you can choose from here.

Detroit Tigers


Brand: Detroit Tigers Fanatics Branded Gray Cooperstown Collection Core Trucker Snapback Hat

Price: $23.99

Having the old English “D” on a Tigers hat is as American as apple pie, and I couldn’t stray from that. I did really dig the orange/gray combo, though. Get yours here and look for some other options here (like some with an actual Tiger on them, which was a close second for me).

Houston Astros


Brand: Houston Astros New Era Navy 2022 City Connect Low Profile 59FIFTY Fitted Hat

Price: $45.99

There are only a handful of City Connect uniforms that I really like, and the Astros’ version definitely falls into that category. This is a bit of a steep price for a hat, but it’s just so cool that I can’t stop thinking about it. There are some other great options to sift through on the Astros’ portion of the shop, too.

Kansas City Royals


Brand: Kansas City Royals New Era Royal Authentic Collection 59FIFTY Fitted Hat

Price: $41.99

There’s just something about Royals baseball hats with the gold that really makes it pop. I love how they fully committed here and made the button at the top gold, too. See if your size is available, and if you’re looking for a different kind of Royals hat, see the full range of options here.

Los Angeles Angels


Brand: California Angels Fanatics Branded Gray Cooperstown Collection Core Trucker Snapback Hat

Price: $23.99

Wait, there are no Mike Trout or Shohei Ohtani hats? That feels like the kind of merchandise everyone wants and needs, so someone should get on that. I’ll settle on what’s above for now. I love how subtle it is, along with the lower-case “a” instead of going with the capital. Grab yourself one here, and see what else is available for yourself — or your favorite Angels fan.

Los Angeles Dodgers


Brand: Men’s Los Angeles Dodgers New Era White 2022 Batting Practice Low Profile 59FIFTY Fitted Hat

Price: $41.99

You can spot blue “LA” hats from anywhere, which is why I think it’d be more fun to go a different route with this understated baseball hat. You also can’t go wrong with repping the Brooklyn Dodgers, either. Get yourself the above hat here, and peruse all other Dodgers hats here.

Miami Marlins


Brand: Men’s Miami Marlins New Era Black Tonal Band Trucker 9FIFTY Snapback Hat

Price: $31.99

I usually love throwback logos and uniforms, but I wasn’t a fan of the last Miami Marlins logo when they moved into their new park, so I was very happy to see a redesign happen. This particular snapback hat looks incredibly comfortable, and I love seeing all the colors get incorporated into it. The Marlins’ area of hats on the MLB Shop does have tons of great options, though.

Milwaukee Brewers


Brand: Milwaukee Brewers New Era Gold Cooperstown Collection Logo 59FIFTY Fitted Hat

Price: $39.99

The Brewers’ logo is one of my absolute favorites of all time, so this was very tough. But when in doubt, it’s always best to go with the classic, which is what I did. Nobody will fault you for that, especially when there are so many good options to choose from for Milwaukee fans.

Minnesota Twins


Brand: Minnesota Twins ’47 Graphite/White Trawler Clean Up Trucker Snapback Hat

Price: $27.99

You can’t go wrong with a classic trucker hat, right? Yea, I don’t think so either. There are lots of great Twins designs available, but I loved this one the most because that gold outlining makes the logo pop at the top.

New York Mets


Brand: New York Mets New Era Black Alternate Authentic Collection On-Field 59FIFTY Fitted Hat

Price: $41.99

Full disclosure: I’m a Mets fan, so this one was probably the easiest decision for me. I immediately knew that grabbing one of the black hats was going to be the best way to go. It seems to be a rather divisive topic on social media — people either love the black uniforms or hate them. There’s no in-between. Well, I love them, but there are other hats available that aren’t black if that’s your thing.

New York Yankees


Brand: New York Yankees New Era Navy Side Patch 1998 World Series 59FIFTY Fitted Hat

Price: $41.99

There’s nothing more iconic in all of professional sports than the Yankees’ logo. That’s what happens when you win 27 championships since getting established. There was no way I could opt for anything other than a classic Yankee hat, but with a twist by having the 1998 World Series logo included. There are some other hats with patches on them, but it’s hard to pass up one of the most dominant teams of all time.

Oakland Athletics


Brand: Oakland Athletics New Era Green 2022 Batting Practice 59FIFTY Fitted Hat

Price: $41.99

The green and gold that the Oakland A’s use for their color scheme is terrific, and when you pair it with this awesome batting practice hat, it’s hard to beat. There are also some hats with the elephant on them, which came in a close second for me.

Philadelphia Phillies


Brand: Philadelphia Phillies Fanatics Branded Burgundy/Light Blue Cooperstown Collection Core Snapback Hat

Price: $29.99

If you’ve made it this far, you know I love a good throwback hat, so there was no chance I’d be able to pass up what you see above for the Phillies. The older logo plus those sweet colors? Come on, man. If you’d rather not have a hat like this, there are lots of other colors and combinations to choose from.

Pittsburgh Pirates


Brand: Pittsburgh Pirates New Era Charcoal Slant Trucker 9FIFTY Snapback Hat

Price: $33.99

I actually surprised myself by picking this baseball hat for the Pirates. But maybe it’s because there were a lot of variations of the same design, and this one just stuck out the most. It looks very comfortable and could easily be worn forward or backward for a day at the beautiful PNC Park.

San Diego Padres


Brand: San Diego Padres ’47 Brown Cumberland Trucker Snapback Hat

Price: $29.99

I was a huge fan of the Padres’ most recent uniform makeover, going back to their roots from earlier days. And when it comes to Padres hats, this trucker hat really shows off those colors. I was very impressed with all the different styles and colors available for the Padres, so be sure to check those out, too.

San Francisco Giants


Brand: San Francisco Giants New Era Orange 2021 City Connect 59FIFTY Fitted Hat

Price: $45.99

Again, I’m very particular about the City Connect uniforms that have been released so far. While the Giants’ actual uniform isn’t one of my favorites, I really love this orange hat because of how much it stands out. You also can’t go wrong with the classic black and orange baseball hats.

Seattle Mariners


Brand: Seattle Mariners Fanatics Branded Royal Cooperstown Collection Fitted Hat

Price: $34.99

Here I am, back with a throwback hat, but this time for the Mariners. From the colors, to being different on the front by spelling out “Mariners” instead of just the “S”, I love this hat. It also reminds me of Ken Griffey Jr.‘s early days with the club, which makes me feel all nostalgic. Check out all the other options for Mariners hats here.

St. Louis Cardinals


Brand: St. Louis Cardinals ’47 Red/Natural Flagship Washed MVP Trucker Snapback Hat

Price: $25.99

I was almost certain I’d pick a Cardinals hat with a bird on it, but then I saw this vintage-looking trucker hat, and it was game over. There’s just something about the coloring that I love, and the classic “STL” logo on the front is always a great touch. If you want the Birds on the Bat logo or just an angry Cardinal holding a bat, head here to see what your options are.

Tampa Bay Rays


Brand: Tampa Bay Rays New Era Navy Alternate Authentic Collection On-Field 59FIFTY Fitted Hat

Price: $41.99

If you’re a Tampa Bay Rays fan and don’t actually want a ray on the front of your hat, what’s going on here? I know it’s not for everyone, but man, it looks so freakin’ cool. If that’s not your scene, there are some other cool hats to choose from.

Texas Rangers


Brand: Texas Rangers New Era Light Blue/Royal 50th Anniversary Authentic Collection On-Field 59FIFTY Fitted Hat

Price: $43.99

This was not the hat I was expecting to be drawn in by for the Rangers, but here we are. The 50th-anniversary cap is terrific, and the colors are equally wonderful. If you prefer the classic “T” logo or another creative design, you’ve got some decisions to make.

Toronto Blue Jays


Brand: Toronto Blue Jays New Era White/Royal 2017 Authentic Collection On-Field 59FIFTY Fitted Hat

Price: $41.99

The Blue Jays logo on this hat is traditional, but the white/blue contrast is something that jumped out at me. I’m also partial to the Jays hats that simply display the Canadian red leaf prominently. Either way, you can’t go wrong while supporting a club with a core of very exciting young players.

Washington Nationals


Brand: Washington Nationals New Era White/Navy Alternate 2020 Authentic Collection On-Field Low Profile Fitted Hat

Price: $41.99

Some of the logo variations that have been created for big-league teams are awesome, and this one for the Nationals is included in that statement. Having a different font for the “W” and the Capitol building in the background is excellent. If you’re partial to the curly W, there are obviously lots to choose from.


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