Best Baseball Bats: 17 Great Picks From 6 Top Brands

best baseball bats

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Looking for the perfect baseball bat? You’re not alone in that pursuit. Every ballplayer wants a bat that feels comfortable and helps them feel prepared to hit the ball farther and harder. However, finding the best baseball bats to fit your style of play can be daunting.

There are many different types of baseball bats on the market. Some are designed for power hitters, while others are better for contact hitters. Some are made for youth players, while others are designed for college or professional players.

When choosing a bat, it’s important to consider certain factors, which are listed below. We’ll also discuss six top brands, along with picking a handful of desirable options from each.

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Choosing the Best Baseball Bat

Length and Weight

The length should be proportional to the player’s height, and the weight should be comfortable to swing. A general rule is to hold the bat straight out with one hand, and if you can comfortably hold it for at least 20 seconds, it’s a good weight.

Grip and Handle

A good grip ensures the bat won’t slip out of your hands. Some players like a thicker grip, while others prefer a thinner one. It’s all about personal preference. The handle should also be comfortable to hold and not cause any discomfort or pain while using it.

Barrel Size and Material

A larger barrel provides a bigger sweet spot, but it also makes the bat heavier. The material of the bat also affects its performance.

What’s most important is listening to your body and thinking about what’s best for your swing. Don’t worry about what others are doing with their bat selection. All that matters if what you’re doing.

best baseball bats

Top Baseball Bat Brands


Easton is a trusted brand that offers a wide range of baseball bats. They also have a range of prices depending on your budget. Baseball bats can be as expensive as you want them to be, but you can also get a highly-rated bat at a lower price. Here are some options:


DeMarini is another popular brand. They’re known for their two-piece bats, which you’ll be able to see in pictures when browsing. Unlike Easton, these can be a little more pricey, but players do love them. Here are some options:

Louisville Slugger

Louisville Slugger has been making baseball bats for over 100 years, and they continue to be a top choice for players at all levels. They have more of a range in pricing between less expensive and more expensive bats. Check out these options:


Marucci Sports was started by a couple of former Major League Baseball players and their Athletic Trainer. The company began handcrafting bats for other big leaguers in 2004, and now they’re the top choice among the pros. Here are some highly-rated options for amateur players:

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While Victus Sports has made a name for itself across baseball as a wood bat manufacturer, they’ve also dipped their toe into the amateur game with aluminum/composite bats. Check out these options:


When I think of Rawlings, the first piece of sports equipment that comes to mind is baseball gloves. But they do more than that. Here are some baseball bats you should check out:

Maintenance and Care

Baseball bats require proper care to maintain their durability and performance. After each use, wipe the bat with a clean, dry cloth to remove dirt and sweat. Avoid using water or any cleaning products.

Store your bat in a cool, dry place, away from extreme temperatures. Do not leave it in a hot car or outside in the sun. Keep it away from moisture and humidity as well.

While it can be unavoidable — especially at the start of a high school season or in the middle of summer ball — try to not use your bat in extreme temperatures. It can damage the bat’s structure and decrease its lifespan. If you have no choice or it’s the only bat you’re really comfortable with, just try and limit that kind of exposure.

Check your bat regularly for any damage, such as cracks or dents, and replace it if necessary. Avoid hitting waterlogged balls or using rubber cage balls, as they can also cause damage to your bat.

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