Best Youth Baseball Cleats: 5 Top Options to Consider (2024)

best youth baseball cleats

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Whether we’re talking about bats, gloves, batting gloves, or bags, all pieces of baseball equipment are important. But is there anything more important than a good pair of cleats? I mean, you have to wear them the entire time you’re on the field. Getting the best youth baseball cleats for your ballplayer can not only aid their performance but also help prevent injury.

If you type “youth baseball cleats” into the good ol’ interwebs, though, there’s a good chance you’ll be overwhelmed with what you see.

There are a handful of key factors to consider, which we’ll detail below. After covering that, we’ll also point out five different types of cleats that are popular and could be a good fit for your ballplayer.

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Key Factors to Consider

There are lots of things to think about when looking for the best youth baseball cleats. Many times, it’s very specific based on the ballplayer. What position do they play? What kind of surfaces will they be playing on? Do they have any pre-existing conditions to take into account?

However, the below three factors are typically universal when it comes to finding the right spikes.


The fit of a cleat is probably the most important thing of all. Wearing a pair that don’t fit correctly can be uncomfortable and possibly even lead to injury. You’ll want something that fits snugly but not too tight. A good rule of thumb is for a player to have the ability to wiggle their toes, as well as not having their heel slip out.

Also, do you want cleats with laces, Velcro, or zippers? The latter two can make it faster/easier to put on and take off, while the former could help with making it a better overall fit.


The material can impact a cleat’s durability, breathability, and weight. Synthetic materials are typically more affordable and durable, but they may not be as breathable and comfortable as leather. However, leather cleats may not last as long.

Molded cleats are usually more durable and provide better traction on dry fields, while metal cleats provide superior traction on wet or muddy fields. Of course, metal spikes may not yet be allowed in the league(s) your child plays in, so that’s a detail to confirm before moving forward.


Traction helps maintain stability and prevent slips/falls. The type of cleat pattern can affect the traction, and some patterns may be better for certain field conditions.

Rubber soles are known to be more durable and provide good traction on most surfaces. Plastic soles are typically more lightweight but may not provide as much grip.

best youth baseball cleats

Top Picks for 2023

Nike Keystone Low Rubber Cleats

Nike Alpha Huarache 4 Keystone Rubber Baseball Cleats are designed to provide excellent traction, thanks to the rubber outsole and stud configuration. The Fastflex outsole provides more flexibility, while the traction allows you to run and make quick changes in direction with confidence.

Adidas Adizero Afterburner 8

If you’re looking to move quickly and easily, then Adidas’ Adizero Afterburner 8 cleats are for you because they’re designed to be lightweight. The upper is made of mesh and synthetic materials, providing a breathable fit. They also feature a Sprintframe plate with a Protrax cleat configuration, giving players excellent traction.

Under Armour Harper 7 Mid Junior

Under Armour’s Harper 7 Mid Junior rubber cleats are great for young players in need of ankle support. These spikes feature a mid-cut design to provide ankle support and stability. Like the Vaper Ultrafly cleats mentioned above, the upper is made of synthetic leather and mesh. They also provide terrific traction thanks to a rubber outsole with a 12-stud configuration.

Other Cleats to Consider

New Balance 4040v5 TPU

New Balance’s 4040v5 TPU cleats feature a durable synthetic upper and a TPU plate for added stability and support. They also have a REVlite midsole for cushioning and comfort, as well as a rubber outsole for traction.

Mizuno 9-Spike Advanced Franchise 9

Mizuno’s 9-Spike Advanced Franchise 9 cleats are a solid choice for those prioritizing comfort and support. There is a synthetic leather upper and a 9-Spike outsole for excellent traction. These spikes also have a padded tongue and collar for added comfort/support.

As usual, it’s crucial to listen to what every player is looking for and what they need on the field to find the best youth baseball cleats. Consider things like fit, comfort, material, and traction when deciding what’s most important and what’s not as important.

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