2023 MLB Home Run Leaders: Each Team’s Home Run King

2023 mlb home run leaders

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At this point in the calendar, every serious baseball fan knows Matt Olson and Shohei Ohtani led their respective leagues in home runs during the 2023 season. But what about the 2023 MLB home run leaders for each team?

Below are the single-season home run kings for all 30 MLB teams from this past season. Scroll down to see who is taking home the crown for their squad this year.

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2023 MLB Home Run Leaders For Each Team

Angels: Shohei Ohtani, 44 Home Runs

If the 2023 season was Shohei Ohtani‘s final one with the Angels, he finished his tenure with a bang. His 44 homers marked his second 40-homer performance in three years, as well as his third straight season of 30-plus.

Also, even though he didn’t play in a game past September 3rd, Ohtani won his first single-season home run crown. He was good all year long, but June stood head-and-shoulders above the rest. In 126 plate appearances, the two-way star slashed .394/.492/.952 with 15 homers, seven doubles, three triples, 29 RBI, and 27 runs scored.

Ohtani crushing the game in June is nothing new, though:

Astros: Yordan Alvarez, 31 Home Runs

Yordan Alvarez is a machine, and he’s only programmed to hit dingers. The left-handed slugger has played 100-plus games in each season since 2021. However, that number has decreased each year (144, 135, 114). It doesn’t matter to his homer total, though, as he’s racked up three straight 30-homer performances.

Interestingly enough, most of Yordan’s power came on the road. He slugged 21 homers with 56 RBI and a .307/.425/.678 line on the road (247 plate appearances). Those numbers dropped to 10, 41, and .278/.390/.488, respectively in 249 trips to the plate at Minute Maid Park.

Athletics: Brent Rooker, 30 Home Runs

The 2023 season was a rough campaign overall for the Athletics. However, it served as Brent Rooker‘s breakout. He earned his first trip to the All-Star Game while slashing .246/.329/.488 with 30 homers and 69 RBI in 526 plate appearances. Across 270 career trips to the plate heading into this season, he slugged just 10 dingers.

Rooker’s start and end to 2023 were among his best work. In March/April, he posted a 1.245 OPS with nine homers and 22 RBI. He wouldn’t produce better numbers than those in any month the rest of the year. However, the only time he got close was in September/October. He finished his year with a .946 OPS, eight homers, and 14 RBI.

Blue Jays: Vladimir Guerrero Jr., 26 Home Runs


Vladimir Guerrero Jr.‘s 2023 campaign is highlighted by joining his father as a Home Run Derby champion. However, it continued a trend many Blue Jays fans were probably hoping to not see. After hitting 48 homers with 111 RBI and a 1.002 OPS in 2021, those numbers dropped to 32, 97, and .818, respectively, in 2022.

Those numbers continued dropping in 2023. Vlad Jr. hit those 26 homers with 94 RBI and a .788 OPS. Still ultra-productive and All-Star worthy, but let’s hope he gets back over the 30-homer mark in 2024.

Guerrero hit exactly 13 homers in the first and second half. His most powerful month of the year came at the end. He slugged six dingers in September/October.

Braves: Matt Olson, 54 Home Runs

Matt Olson not only led all of baseball with his 54 home runs, but he also set a new Braves single-season record along the way. While this was the local kid’s fourth season of 30-plus homers since 2019, it was an obvious spike in production.

Heading into this year, his 39 homers and 111 RBI for Oakland in 2021 were both single-season career-high marks. Those are now 54 and 139, respectively.

Olson never hit fewer than seven homers in a single month during his 2023 campaign. It included two double-digit homer months, too (11 in June and September/October). He slugged at least five homers against three teams: the Reds (five in six games), the Marlins (five in 13 games), and the Phillies (six in 13 games).

Brewers: Willy Adames, 24 Home Runs


Willy Adames found his power stroke in Milwaukee. While he did hit 20 homers in 2019 with the Rays, he’s enjoyed three straight years of 20-plus taters for the Brewers. And his first one in 2021 only happened in 99 games because Tampa Bay traded him in the middle of the season.

American Family Field is typically a hitter-friendly ballpark. That was the case for Adames in 2023. He hit 15 of his homers and produced a .775 OPS in Milwaukee. When the Brewers were on the road, he slugged nine homers and produced an OPS that was more than 100 points lower (.661).

Adames’ performance was night and day in wins and losses, too. When Milwaukee won, he hit .267/.354/.525 with 19 homers and 65 RBI. In losses, those numbers dropped to .149/.249/.247, five, and 15, respectively.

Cardinals: Nolan Gorman, 27 Home Runs

As a 22-year-old rookie in 2022, Nolan Gorman slugged 14 homers in 313 plate appearances. He just about doubled that in 464 trips to the plate in 2023.

Similar to Adames, Gorman was a key to victory for the Cardinals. When St. Louis won, he slugged 21 homers with 64 RBI and a .313/.384/.698 line. In losses, Gorman hit six homers with 12 RBI, which was accompanied by an anemic .168/.278/.280 line.

He also hit a home run in four different situations. Gorman went deep as a second baseman (18 homers), third baseman (two), designated hitter (six), and pinch-hitter (one).

Cubs: Cody Bellinger and Christopher Morel, 26 Home Runs


We’ve got a good old-fashioned tie, folks! This was just one of two ties at the top of the 2023 team leaderboards.

Cody Bellinger arrived in Chicago with hopes of rebuilding his value on a one-year deal. It’s safe to say his mission was accomplished. Belli’s 26 homers were accompanied by 20 steals, 29 doubles, 97 RBI, 95 runs scored, and a .307/.356/.525 line. As good as he was in the first half (nine homers, .846 OPS), Bellinger was even better after the All-Star break (17 homers, .909 OPS).

Christopher Morel‘s season was highlighted with a truly ridiculous beginning. He got called up in May and suited up for just 19 games. Despite that, the slugger hit .296/.333/.718 with nine homers, three doubles, 16 RBI, and 17 runs scored. Morel played six different positions in 2023, but the majority of his season-long dingers total came as a designated hitter (13).

Diamondbacks: Christian Walker, 33 Home Runs


This is the second straight year Christian Walker has paced the Diamondbacks in home runs. It’s also his second consecutive season with 30-plus homers. Just for good measure, Walker notched his first campaign of at least 30 doubles (36) and 100 RBI (103) in the process.

Although the first baseman’s RBI totals were obviously much different in wins (65) and losses (38), his power numbers and overall production were actually quite similar. When Arizona was victorious, Walker hit 18 homers and produced a .870 OPS. In losses, he slugged 15 homers with a .781 OPS.

Dodgers: Mookie Betts, 39 Home Runs

Despite being on the smaller side, Mookie Betts knows how to rake. It didn’t translate to the 2023 Home Run Derby, but that doesn’t matter when games are going on. He was just one dinger shy of his first career 40-homer campaign. He settled for his fourth 30-homer season, and the first time he surpassed that number in consecutive years.

Betts had three months of at least nine homers, including August when he led the league with 11 dingers. He finished slow by hitting one homer with a .718 OPS over his final 107 plate appearances. But from June to August, Betts posted a cumulative OPS of 1.151. This included a .365/.450/.701 line with 25 homers, 65 RBI, and 73 runs scored.

Mookie collected 105 hits during that 73-game span.

Giants: Wilmer Flores, 23 Home Runs


Wilmer Flores put together the best offensive year of his MLB career for the Giants in 2023. His .863 OPS in 454 plate appearances is a new single-season career-high mark. He also posted his eighth season of 10-plus homers, but it was the first time he surpassed the 20-homer plateau.

Flores did the majority of his yardwork after the All-Star break. That’s when he hit 15 of his 23 dingers, and there’s a clear divide in power in his monthly stats. He had eight homers through the end of June, not hitting more than four in a month. Wilmer then never hit fewer than four over his final three months (six in July, five in August, four in September/October).

Guardians: Jose Ramirez, 24 Home Runs

If there’s one constant in Cleveland, it’s Jose Ramirez. He’s produced six seasons of 20-plus homers since 2017. He nearly did it during the pandemic-shortened 2020 campaign, too. Ramirez hit 17 dingers in 58 games that year.

When looking at his monthly splits, the dude was pretty darn consistent. Out of six possible months, he slugged exactly three homers on four occasions (March/April, May, August, September/October). The two months he hit more came consecutively, and it accounted for half of his season-long total. Ramirez slugged seven homers with 23 RBI and a 1.030 OPS in June, followed by another five dingers, 11 RBI, and a .830 OPS in July.

Mariners: Julio Rodriguez, 32 Home Runs

Julio Rodriguez just barely missed a 30-30 season during his 2022 AL Rookie of the Year performance. He made sure to get over that hump in 2023. His campaign wasn’t just about homers and steals, though. In addition to the 32 homers and 37 steals, J-Rod collected 37 doubles, 103 RBI, and 102 runs scored.

It seems like going off during the Home Run Derby in Seattle helped get him back on track. In 397 first-half plate appearances, Rodriguez posted a .721 OPS with 13 homers and 49 RBI. In 80 fewer trips to the plate after the midsummer classic, he posted a .941 OPS with 19 homers and 54 RBI.

Marlins: Jorge Soler, 36 Home Runs


After slugging 13 homers in 72 games played during the 2022 season, Jorge Soler came back to provide the type of power the Marlins were hoping for. In fact, his 36 homers are among the most in a season in Miami’s franchise history. This was also the first time Soler got over the 30-homer mark since slugging 48 for the Royals in 2019.

If the right-handed slugger wasn’t limited to 12 games in September/October, he probably would’ve had a decent chance of reaching the 40-homer plateau, too. Soler slugged just one tater down the stretch.

He really enjoyed hitting with nobody out. His 15 homers and .999 OPS were both the highest when looking at that particular split.

2023 MLB Home Run Leaders For Each Team

Mets: Pete Alonso, 46 Home Runs


Pete Alonso still has a way to go regarding the Mets’ all-time home run list. But still, there’s already never been anybody like him in franchise history. Heading into 2023, he was already the first player to post two separate performances of 40-plus homers.

Naturally, he distanced himself from the pack even more by doing it a third time. If it wasn’t for a trip to the injured list, he probably would’ve gotten to 50 again, too.

Alonso spread out his homer production quite evenly throughout the game. He slugged 12 dingers in the first three innings, followed by 19 from innings four through six and another 14 between innings seven and nine.

Nationals: Lane Thomas, 28 Home Runs


The 2023 season was Lane Thomas‘ breakout. Between 2019 and 2022, he slugged 29 homers in 275 games. This includes the 17 he hit in 146 games for the Nationals in ’22. He needed just 156 games played to just about double his career total.

What’s most impressive is Thomas did this despite not hitting a homer at all in the season’s first month. He suited up for 25 games in March/April and went homerless. He followed that up with eight in May, a number he repeated in September/October, too.

Orioles: Anthony Santander and Gunnar Henderson, 28 Home Runs


Here’s the other tie we have this year. Anthony Santander‘s 28 homers are the second-most he’s slugged in a single season. However, the 95 RBI he collected is a new career-high mark. There were four different innings where Santander hit at least four homers this season: third, fourth, seventh, and eighth.

It was an excellent rookie season for Gunnar Henderson. He added 29 doubles, nine triples, 82 RBI, and 100 runs scored to those 28 homers. There’s some symmetry with his first-half/second-half numbers and home/road splits, too.

Prior to the All-Star break, Henderson hit 13 homers with 11 doubles and followed that up with 18 doubles and 15 homers in the second half. He slugged 13 homers and 18 doubles at home, along with 15 homers and 11 doubles on the road.

Padres: Juan Soto: 35 Home Runs


The Padres were disappointing as a team, but plenty of players put up impressive numbers. You can count Juan Soto among that group. His 35 homers, 109 RBI, and .930 OPS rivaled his 2019 performance in Washington (34 homers, 110 RBI, .949 OPS).

Soto was a much better hitter overall when he wasn’t playing at Petco Park. He slugged 23 homers with 64 RBI and a .307/.422/.604 line on the road. Those were all in stark contrast to what he did at home (12 homers, 45 RBI, .240/.398/.429 line).

Phillies: Kyle Schwarber, 47 Home Runs

Kyle Schwarber has now played two seasons for the Phillies. Both of his performances are among the most powerful in franchise history. He’s also shooting up the organization’s all-time leaderboard in short order.

We know Schwarber has a knack for hitting leadoff home runs. He really just likes hitting in the first inning in general, though. He slugged 14 dingers in the first frame of games this season and didn’t hit more than six in any other inning.

Pirates: Jack Suwinski, 26 Home Runs

After slugging 19 homers in 106 games played for the Pirates as a rookie in 2022, Jack Suwinski came right back with these 26 taters in 144 games played. He actually matched his rookie-season total in just one half in 2023.

Heading into the All-Star break, Suwinski had 19 homers through 80 games played. That was accompanied by a .235/.360/.514 line. It was his second half that torpedoed his overall numbers. Suwinski added another seven homers with a .211/.312/.382 line over his final 237 plate appearances.

Rangers: Adolis Garcia, 39 Home Runs

Adolis Garcia just registered his second straight 100-RBI campaign and his second performance of 30-plus homers in a three-year span. The 39 homers and 107 RBI he accumulated are both single-season career-high marks.

Garcia did his best work at the plate when the Rangers had a lead in 2023. In tie games, he slugged nine homers with 25 RBI and a .787 OPS. When Texas was behind, he hit eight homers with 23 RBI and a .695 OPS. But when the Rangers were winning, he slugged 22 homers with 59 RBI and a .957 OPS.

Rays: Isaac Paredes, 31 Home Runs


Isaac Paredes has most certainly found his power stroke since coming to the Rays. His first 193 plate appearances with the Tigers yielded just two homers. He then came to Tampa Bay and hit 20 dingers in 2022 before surpassing that mark quite easily.

Paredes was quite consistent on a monthly basis when it came to power. He never hit fewer than four homers in one month. His high came in July when he slugged eight. Coincidentally enough, the 70 plate appearances he accumulated during that time were his lowest of any month for 2023.

Red Sox: Rafael Devers, 33 Home Runs

The 2023 campaign was the first for Rafael Devers on his new long-term deal. It was a standard year at the dish for the third baseman. He registered his third season of 30-plus doubles, 30-plus homers, and 100-plus RBI.

Devers started out hot with his power stroke in March/April, slugging 10 dingers in his first 123 plate appearances. He didn’t hit more than six in any other month.

What Raffy really enjoyed was seeing a starting pitcher for his second at-bat of any particular game. In his first plate appearance against a starter, he slugged seven homers and posted a .809 OPS. But when the lineup turned over for a second time, he hit 11 homers and his OPS rose to .993.

Reds: Spencer Steer, 23 Home Runs

The Reds had many exciting rookies contribute at the big-league level in 2023. Spencer Steer was one of them. He slashed .271/.356/.464 with those 23 homers, 37 doubles, 86 RBI, and 74 runs scored.

Unlike many situations, Steer actually performed better in Reds losses. When Cincinnati was victorious, he slugged 12 homers with 55 RBI and a .807 OPS. In losses, those numbers checked in at 11, 31, and .835, respectively.

Rockies: Ryan McMahon, 23 Home Runs


Ryan McMahon registered his fourth 20-homer campaign for the Rockies since 2019. And for the second time in three years, he slugged exactly 23 taters.

As is the case with many Rockies hitters, McMahon had more success at home than on the road regarding his offensive production. In 311 plate appearances at Coors Field, he produced 14 homers, 47 RBI, and a .816 OPS. He racked up 316 trips to the plate as a visiting player and produced nine homers, 23 RBI, and a .690 OPS.

McMahon also slowed down as the year wore on. His OPS checked in at .811 prior to the All-Star break before dropping to .672 in the second half.

Royals: Bobby Witt Jr., 30 Home Runs


Bobby Witt Jr. became the first Royals shortstop to post a 30-homer campaign in 2023. He also added 49 steals to become a member of the 30-30 club. He also added 28 doubles and a league-leading 11 triples to boost his season-long slugging percentage up to .495.

In order for him to gain entry into the 30-30 club, Witt did it in a very specific way depending on the situation. He slugged 19 of his home runs at Kauffman Stadium. However, 31 of his steals came on the road as a visiting player.

Tigers: Spencer Torkelson, 31 Home Runs

The top overall pick of the 2020 MLB Draft took a step forward in 2023. After slugging eight homers with a .604 OPS in 404 plate appearances as a rookie, Spencer Torkelson slugged 31 dingers and raised his OPS to .758 in 684 plate appearances this past year.

Tokelson got off to a slow start in the power department but quickly picked up the pace. Through the end of May, he hadn’t hit more than two homers in a month and had four total. From June to the end of the year, he didn’t hit fewer than four in a single month. His most powerful period of all was August. His slugging percentage settled in at .550 off the strength of nine homers and five doubles.

Twins: Max Kepler, 24 Home Runs

Max Kepler slugged 36 home runs in 2019 and was a big reason why the Twins set MLB’s team home run record. The 24 dingers he slugged in 2023 was the first time he reached the 20-homer plateau since that season.

His performance just generally increased, as well. From 2020-2022 (1,132 plate appearances), Kepler hit 37 homers while slashing .220/.314/.392. Across 491 trips to the plate in 2023, his triple slash rose to .260/.332/.484.

White Sox: Luis Robert Jr., 38 Home Runs


Luis Robert is another player who enjoyed a career year in the power department. He racked up 36 homers in 924 plate appearances to begin his career between 2020 and 2022. It took him about half the number of plate appearances in 2023 to more than double that total.

Robert’s most powerful two-month stretch came in May and June. In those 53 games played (224 plate appearances), the outfielder slugged 19 homers with 14 doubles, 33 RBI, and 43 runs scored. This was all accompanied by a .302/.368/.658 line.

Yankees: Aaron Judge, 37 Home Runs


If he hadn’t run into the wall and injured his toe at Dodger Stadium in June, we might’ve seen Aaron Judge hit 60 homers again. At least, that’s what we could assume based on the pace he put forth in 2023. He appeared in just 106 games but still landed among baseball’s league leaders in homers. Enjoying two different three-homer performances will help shoot you up the leaderboard, ya know.

Judge was injured at the start of June. That was a huge bummer for all the obvious reasons, but especially because of what he had just done in May. Across 97 plate appearances, the outfielder hit .342/.474/.882 with 12 homers and 25 RBI.

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