2024 Aaron Judge Home Run Tracker (Stats & Videos)

aaron judge home run tracker

Last Updated on July 13, 2024 by Matt Musico

The first season of Aaron Judge‘s nine-year, $360 million contract with the New York Yankees wasn’t as healthy as he would’ve liked. That man still hit his homers, though, slugging 37 in just 106 games played. How many will he send over the wall in 2024? We’re going to keep track right here with our Aaron Judge Home Run Tracker.

Similar to what we did in 2023, this will be a central location for all of the outfielder’s 2024 yardwork. The information you can expect to see includes the date and opponent, along with the distance and exit velocity for each dinger.

Where Judge Stands in Yankees History

The 2024 campaign is an important one for Judge. Every season as a member of the Yankees is important, but I’m talking about the milestone he’s fast approaching in the home run department.

Since making his MLB debut in 2016, the right-handed slugger has launched 268 taters (as of 5/16/2024). That already has him ranked ninth in franchise history. He began the year in 10th place but passed Derek Jeter a few weeks into the regular season.

A fully healthy campaign could include another 40-plus homers, which would help him become the sixth Yankees player ever to slug at least 300 homers for the club.

Could Judge enter what has become the increasingly exclusive 500-homer club before all is said and done? He has enough time on his current contract to have a shot – he’s signed through 2031.

The next couple of seasons will be crucial to his chances of reaching that milestone. As it currently stands, there are 13 active MLB players with 300-plus homers. Stanton is the active leader with 408 homers (as of 5/16/2024). The most recent hitter to reach the 500-homer club is Detroit Tigers first baseman/designated hitter Miguel Cabrera. He joined the club in 2021 and finished his career with 511 homers.

Notable Single-Season Performances

Being on the doorstep of 300 career homers after seven-plus years in the big leagues means Judge enjoyed a few monster single-season performances. He’s finished near the 40-homer plateau on two occasions – he hit 39 in 2021 and 37 in 2023.

But it was what the right-handed slugger did in 2017 and 2022 that set him apart, especially from other Yankee hitters. Judge’s AL Rookie of the Year campaign in 2017 included a league-leading 52 home runs. That broke Mark McGwire’s record for the most home runs hit by a rookie in a single season. While this record only stood for a couple of seasons before Pete Alonso broke it in 2019, Judge can always say he’s the first MLB rookie to reach the half-century mark.

The 2022 season was another record-breaking one. He passed fellow Yankee Roger Maris to set a new single-season American League home run record with 62 dingers. He still fell eight homers shy of Barry Bonds’ record, but it was a huge accomplishment nonetheless. That led the league, as did his 131 RBI, 133 runs scored, 111 walks, and 1.111 OPS. After finishing second to Jose Altuve in the 2017 AL MVP Award voting, Judge captured the award in 2022 by beating out Shohei Ohtani.

Home/Away Splits Breakdown

There isn’t a ballpark in baseball that can hold Aaron Judge’s power. He displays it regularly, like with the 473-foot dinger he slugged on May 9. However, it’s worth noting that Judge is fortunate to call Yankee Stadium his home park. According to Statcast’s Park Factors, the Bronx has consistently been one of the easiest places to hit homers over the past three years.

With that advantage, how much better of a hitter is he at home compared to being on the road?

When looking at his career splits, it’s not much different. As of 5/15/2024, Judge has produced a .294/.409/.609 line with 137 homers, 72 doubles, and 305 RBI at Yankee Stadium in 1,863 plate appearances. That susses out to a 1.018 OPS. On the road, his triple slash is .266/.381/.556, which is a .936 OPS. It’s accompanied by 130 homers, 75 doubles, and 294 RBI in 1,949 plate appearances.

Judge’s Monthly Stat Breakdown

Another question some might be wondering is whether there are certain times of the year Judge has historically produced better than others. By looking at his monthly breakdown on Baseball-Reference, he typically likes to start and finish strong.

Here’s a look at pertinent monthly stats (as of 5/15/2024):

  • March/April: .940 OPS, 47 homers, 29 doubles, 109 RBI
  • May: 1.082 OPS, 49 homers, 28 doubles, 112 RBI
  • June: .941 OPS, 35 homers, 17 doubles, 80 RBI
  • July: .961 OPS, 36 homers, 16 doubles, 79 RBI
  • August: .917 OPS, 46 homers, 26 doubles, 105 RBI
  • September/October: 1.020 OPS, 54 homers, 31 doubles, 114 RBI

It helps that he’s historically stepped to the plate more often in March/April, May, August, and September/October than June and July throughout his career. And while his OPS tells us he’s an elite hitter regardless of where we are in the calendar, this shows us when we can expect more homers to fly off his bat.

2024 Aaron Judge Home Run Tracker

Table of Contents

Home Run No. 1: April 3 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks

Distance: 396 feet

Exit Velocity: 108.9 mph

Home Run No. 2: April 6 vs. Toronto Blue Jays

Distance: 425 feet

Exit Velocity: 109.7 mph

Home Run No. 3: April 14 vs. Cleveland Guardians

Distance: 450 feet

Exit Velocity: 114 mph

Home Run No. 4: April 24 vs. Oakland Athletics

Distance: 361 feet

Exit Velocity: 103.2 mph

Home Run No. 5: April 27 vs. Milwaukee Brewers

Distance: 417 feet

Exit Velocity: 103.9 mph

Home Run No. 6: April 28 vs. Milwaukee Brewers

Distance: 441 feet

Exit Velocity: 115.9 mph

Home Run No. 7: May 5 vs. Detroit Tigers

Distance: 399 feet

Exit Velocity: 109.3 mph

Home Run No. 8: May 8 vs. Houston Astros

Distance: 404 feet

Exit Velocity: 106.4 mph

Home Run No. 9: May 9 vs. Houston Astros

Distance: 473 feet

Exit Velocity: 115.7 mph

Home Run No. 10: May 12 vs. Tampa Bay Rays

Distance: 374 feet

Exit Velocity: 106.7 mph

Home Run No. 11: May 15 vs. Minnesota Twins

Distance: 467 feet

Exit Velocity: 113 mph

Home Run No. 12: May 17 vs. Chicago White Sox

Distance: 433 feet

Exit Velocity: 114.4 mph

Home Run No. 13: May 19 vs. Chicago White Sox

Distance: 339 feet

Exit Velocity: 98.9 mph

Home Run No. 14: May 22 vs. Seattle Mariners

Distance: 374 feet

Exit Velocity: 103.5 mph

Home Run No. 15: May 23 vs. Seattle Mariners

Distance: 414 feet

Exit Velocity: 110.9 mph

Home Run No. 16: May 24 vs. San Diego Padres

Distance: 409 feet

Exit Velocity: 104.9 mph

Home Run No. 17: May 25 vs. San Diego Padres

Distance: 429 feet

Exit Velocity: 113.7 mph

Home Run No. 18: May 30 vs. Los Angeles Angels

Distance: 433 feet

Exit Velocity: 110 mph

Home Run No. 19: May 31 vs. San Francisco Giants

Distance: 394 feet

Exit Velocity: 104.4 mph

Home Run No. 20: May 31 vs. San Francisco Giants

Distance: 426 feet

Exit Velocity: 112.3 mph

Home Run No. 21: June 1 vs. San Francisco Giants

Distance: 464 feet

Exit Velocity: 115.7 mph

Home Run No. 22: June 8 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers

Distance: 386 feet

Exit Velocity: 108.1 mph

Home Run No. 23: June 8 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers

Distance: 379 feet

Exit Velocity: 105.2 mph

Home Run No. 24: June 9 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers

Distance: 434 feet

Exit Velocity: 107.6 mph

Home Run No. 25: June 11 vs. Kansas City Royals

Distance: 436 feet

Exit Velocity: 112.1 mph

Home Run No. 26: June 16 vs. Boston Red Sox

Distance: 380 feet

Exit Velocity: 114.2 mph

Home Run No. 27: June 20 vs. Baltimore Orioles

Distance: 395 feet

Exit Velocity: 110.6 mph

Home Run No. 28: June 22 vs. Atlanta Braves

Distance: 366 feet

Exit Velocity: 101.5 mph

Home Run No. 29: June 25 vs. New York Mets

Distance: 390 feet

Exit Velocity: 109.4 mph

Home Run No. 30: June 26 vs. New York Mets

Distance: 400 feet

Exit Velocity: 112.3 mph

Home Run No. 31: June 30 vs. Toronto Blue Jays

Distance: 423 feet

Exit Velocity: 109.8 mph

Home Run No. 32: July 2 vs. Cincinnati Reds

Distance: 381 feet

Exit Velocity: 112.5 mph

Home Run No. 33: July 12 vs. Baltimore Orioles

Distance: 397 feet

Exit Velocity: 107.4 mph

Home Run No. 34: July 13 vs. Baltimore Orioles

Distance: 431 feet

Exit Velocity: 112.9 mph

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