2024 Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Home Run Tracker (Videos)

vladimir guerrero jr. home run tracker

Last Updated on June 29, 2024 by Matt Musico

The Toronto Blue Jays have reached the postseason three times since 2020. Despite that, they still haven’t won a playoff game since 2016. If they’re going to get over that hump this year, they’ll need Vladimir Guerrero Jr. firing on all cylinders. We’ll be following his damage in the power department with our 2024 Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Home Run Tracker.

This will work like it did last year. As Vladito punishes baseballs and sends them into the stands, we’ll update this article. What you’ll eventually find below is the date, opponent, distance, exit velocity, and a video for each dinger.

Guerrero has slugged 20-plus homers in each of the past three seasons. He’s been on a bit of a downward trend, though. After slugging a league-leading 48 in 2021, it was followed by 32 in 2022 and 26 in 2023. The game is better when Vlad Jr. is mashing, so let’s hope he finds himself back over the 30-homer plateau by the end of 2024.

Revisit all of Guerrero’s 26 homers from last season with our home run tracker. You can also check out where his 2021 performance ranks among single-season Blue Jays home run leaders.

2024 Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Home Run Tracker

Home Run No. 1: March 28th vs. Tampa Bay Rays

Distance: 450 feet

Exit Velocity: 111.8 mph

Home Run No. 2: April 6 vs. New York Yankees

Distance: 362 feet

Exit Velocity: 104.2 mph

Home Run No. 3: April 10 vs. Seattle Mariners

Distance: 459 feet

Exit Velocity: 114.3 mph

Home Run No. 4: May 5 vs. Washington Nationals

Distance: 416 feet

Exit Velocity: 108.8 mph

Home Run No. 5: May 23 vs. Detroit Tigers

Distance: 423 feet

Exit Velocity: 106.4 mph

Home Run No. 6: June 3 vs. Baltimore Orioles

Distance: 415 feet

Exit Velocity: 109.2 mph

Home Run No. 7: June 6 vs. Baltimore Orioles

Distance: 356 feet

Exit Velocity: 103.3 mph

Home Run No. 8: June 21 vs. Cleveland Guardians

Distance: 407 feet

Exit Velocity: 102.3 mph

Home Run No. 9: June 23 vs. Cleveland Guardians

Distance: 436 feet

Exit Velocity: 107.4 mph

Home Run No. 10: June 24 vs. Boston Red Sox

Distance: 471 feet

Exit Velocity: 113.1 mph

Home Run No. 11: June 27 vs. New York Yankees

Distance: 371 feet

Exit Velocity: 107.1 mph

Home Run No. 12: June 28 vs. New York Yankees

Distance: 405 feet

Exit Velocity: 107.3 mph

Home Run No. 13: June 29 vs. New York Yankees

Distance: 403 feet

Exit Velocity: 106.5 mph

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