2024 Mike Trout Home Run Tracker (Stats & Videos)

mike trout home run tracker

Last Updated on April 24, 2024 by Matt Musico

If a baseball genie appeared to give you three wishes for the 2024 season, what would you wish for? I’d use one of my wishes on having a healthy Mike Trout from Game 1 to 162. Here’s to hoping that having our 2024 Mike Trout Home Run Tracker up and running will act as a good omen for the veteran outfielder.

Trout did slug 40 home runs during the 2022 season, but it only happened because he put himself on a ridiculous pace. He reached that number in just 119 games played. The right-handed slugger hasn’t played in 130-plus games in a season since 2019, which is when he won his third American League MVP Award.

Here’s to hoping he can consistently remain on the field this year for the Los Angeles Angels. Baseball is better when Trout is playing every day. He’ll be looking to recapture that MVP-level form while also extending his lead on L.A.’s all-time home run list. You can check out Trout’s 2023 home run tracker — he hit 18 homers in 82 games played. You can also check out his homers through the years.

The below tracker will perform the same duties as last year. Every time Trout goes Yahtzee, we’ll update this article with the date, opponent, distance, exit velocity, and a video of the dinger.

2024 Mike Trout Home Run Tracker

Home Run No. 1: March 28th vs. Baltimore Orioles

Distance: 402 feet

Exit Velocity: 102.5 mph

Home Run No. 2: April 1 vs. Miami Marlins

Distance: 412 feet

Exit Velocity: 104 mph

Home Run No. 3: April 1 vs. Miami Marlins

Distance: 473 feet

Exit Velocity: 113.1 mph

Home Run No. 4: April 7 vs. Boston Red Sox

Distance: 372 feet

Exit Velocity: 108.6 mph

Home Run No. 5: April 8 vs. Tampa Bay Rays

Distance: 423 feet

Exit Velocity: 108.7 mph

Home Run No. 6: April 9 vs. Tampa Bay Rays

Distance: 397 feet

Exit Velocity: 104.3 mph

Home Run No. 7: April 15 vs. Tampa Bay Rays

Distance: 420 feet

Exit Velocity: 111.6 mph

Home Run No. 8: April 17 vs. Tampa Bay Rays

Distance: 400 feet

Exit Velocity: 105.4 mph

Home Run No. 9: April 23 vs. Baltimore Orioles

Distance: 392 feet

Exit Velocity: 104.6 mph

Home Run No. 10: April 24 vs. Baltimore Orioles

Distance: 417 feet

Exit Velocity: 114.5 mph

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