Mexico City Series: Watch Every Home Run From Padres, Giants

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Last Updated on June 7, 2023 by Matt Musico

The San Francisco Giants and San Diego Padres went south of the border this weekend to play in MLB’s Mexico City Series. Most of us figured there’d be plenty of runs scored during this two-game set. And while Sunday’s finale was more on the normal side, my goodness the opener on Saturday was bananas.

Across these two head-to-head matchups, San Francisco and San Diego combined to hit 15 (!!) home runs. Of this total, 11 came in the first game at Estadio Alfredo Harp Helu. This isn’t overly surprising. The park, which opened in 2019, sits 7,349 feet above sea level. The highest elevation of any MLB stadium is Coors Field… which is “just” 5,200 feet above sea level.

The Padres won both of these games against their NL West foe. Game 1 finished with a 16-11 score that felt more like a low-scoring football game. San Diego came right back and won 6-4 on Sunday. If we split the homer production down by team, San Francisco actually out-homered the Padres, 8-7. That’s not how baseball works, though.

So, yea — lots of homers were hit. But it’s not just that. It’s how far they traveled and in what order they happened. In just that series opener on Saturday, both squads combined to slug seven homers of 440-plus feet (a Statcast-era record). Four of those dingers traveled at least 450 feet (another Statcast-era record). The Padres and Giants also hit back-to-back homers on two different occasions…each. And as you can imagine, that’s an MLB record.

Given the history that was made and the frequency of moonshots that were hit, we had to collect all of the tanks and put them in one spot. Included below are the distance and exit velocity numbers from MLB game recaps (Game 1, Game 2), as well as what each bomb brought that player’s season-long total to. Enjoy.

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Mexico City Series Home Runs (Saturday)

Brandon Crawford (4)

Distance: 482 feet

Exit Velocity: 105.7 mph

LaMonte Wade Jr. (4)

Distance: 474 feet

Exit Velocity: 103.4 mph

Nelson Cruz (3)

Distance: 442 feet

Exit Velocity: 105.8 mph

Mitch Haniger (1)

Distance: 456 feet

Exit Velocity: 104.5 mph

Juan Soto (5)

Distance: 448 feet

Exit Velocity: 113.3 mph

Xander Bogaerts (6)

Distance: 455 feet

Exit Velocity: 106.1 mph

Fernando Tatis Jr. (2)

Distance: 375 feet

Exit Velocity: 95.4 mph

Manny Machado (3)

Distance: 442 feet

Exit Velocity: 100.9 mph

Blake Sabol (5)

Distance: 436 feet

Exit Velocity: 106.8 mph

David Villar (4)

Distance: 434 feet

Exit Velocity: 100.2 mph

Manny Machado (4)

Distance: 413 feet

Exit Velocity: 97.6 mph

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Mexico City Series Home Runs (Sunday)

LaMonte Wade Jr. (5)

Distance: 394 feet

Exit Velocity: 108.4 mph

J.D. Davis (6)

Distance: 382 feet

Exit Velocity: 95.8 mph

Mitch Haniger (2)

Distance: 460 feet

Exit Velocity: 106 mph

Austin Nola (1)

Distance: 440 feet

Exit Velocity: 104.6 mph

The next time MLB sends two teams to Mexico City for a series, make sure you’re ready for more moonshots. We sure will be.

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