Silver Slugger Award: Team-By-Team Look at 435 Winners

silver slugger award

Last Updated on November 9, 2023 by Matt Musico

If you’re like me, you hate it when baseball season is officially over and the offseason hits. However, there are certain things to look forward to throughout the winter. This includes end-of-season hardware for deserving players, like the Silver Slugger Award.

Since this typically comes up as a topic for the popular Immaculate Grid game, I figured it’d be good to pair our blog post on 40-homer seasons with one specifically dedicated to Silver Slugger Award winners. You know, so we can get some studying in before the next grid gets released.

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What is the Silver Slugger Award?

The Silver Slugger Award is given to the best offensive player at each position during any particular year. This is an honor that’s only been around since 1980, so the history of winners doesn’t run nearly as deep as some others. However, I think it’s deep enough with 400-plus different players winning the award since that time.

They are voted on by MLB coaches and managers around the league at the end of every year. They get to make decisions based on their general impressions of a hitter’s offensive production. However, certain offensive statistics will come into play, as well. This includes a player’s triple slash (batting average, on-base percentage, and slugging percentage).

How many people win a Silver Slugger Award?

A total of 20 players win a Silver Slugger Award each season — 10 from the National League and 10 from the American League. Infielders (catcher, first base, second base, shortstop, third base) each have one winner. Three Silver Sluggers are awarded to outfielders, regardless of whether they play left field, center field, or right field.

There is also a Silver Slugger awarded to one designated hitter and one utility player in each league. Sadly, because of the Universal Designated Hitter rule, pitchers are no longer eligible (unless you’re Shohei Ohtani, of course). Pitchers were given Silver Sluggers each year between 1980 and 2019, and then again in 2021.

What Qualifies on the Immaculate Grid

There’s more than a decent chance you’ve played at least one Immaculate Grid game since it became popular. You might be here for some help to finish up your Grid. Or, you’re studying so you’re armed with some players you’d like to use the next time “Silver Slugger Award” shows up.

As it’s laid out in the game’s rules, there are two specific stipulations to keep in mind.

When stats and award cells are paired up, the player you choose doesn’t necessarily have to do both things in the same year (the example they give is Willie McCovey — if the two cells were “Rookie of the Year” and “40-plus home runs”, using him as an answer would work despite not doing it in the same season). But if an award cell and a team cell intersect, the player you choose needs to have won the award while playing for that team.

And that’s why you’ll see what you see below.

Team-By-Team Look at Silver Slugger Award Winners

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Angels Silver Slugger Winners

At this point in history, the Angels have had just four players (and probably soon-to-be five) win a Silver Slugger more than once. The most in franchise history? Well, that’s Mike Trout, of course. He’s won nine of these things already.

Astros Silver Slugger Winners

The Astros have had some legit hitters suit up for them over the years. A handful of Hall of Famers, too. But still, nobody has won more Silver Sluggers than Jose Altuve. He’s taken home the honor six times for Houston.

Athletics Silver Slugger Winners

It’s been more than 20 years since the Athletics have last had a Silver Slugger Award winner. With the way they’ve been doing business in recent years, that will unfortunately surprise absolutely nobody. Plenty of the players they’ve traded away have ended up elsewhere on this list, though.

Blue Jays Silver Slugger Winners

Toronto has produced 22 players who have secured a Silver Slugger during their time with the club. I will die on the hill that Carlos Delgado is eternally underrated. I mean, this dude is the Blue Jays’ all-time home run leader, hit four dingers in a game, and finished just 27 away from 500. Just a travesty that he fell off the Hall of Fame ballot after one year.

Braves Silver Slugger Winners

The 2023 Braves will be adding at least two or three more awards to this list. What makes me laugh, though, is that starting pitcher Tom Glavine is among the franchise leaders in Silver Slugger Awards with four. But, Brian McCann has everyone beat for now with five.

Brewers Silver Slugger Winners

You just knew this video would highlight Prince Fielder, right? It’s such a shame that his career was cut short because of injury. He holds the honor of being the first (and still the only) player in Brewers history to produce a 50-homer campaign.

Cardinals Silver Slugger Winners

The Cardinals have a long and rich history of elite performances. None had been more consistent in this department — or just about any offensive category, if we’re being honest — than Albert Pujols. His six Silver Slugger Awards all came in the first 10 years of his MLB career.

Cubs Silver Slugger Winners

Sammy Sosa dominates the Cubs’ single-season and all-time home run leaderboards, and for good reason. It’s not shocking that he won six Silver Sluggers. What did surprise me, though, was he hasn’t won the most in franchise history. That honor goes to Ryne Sandberg, who has seven to his name.

Diamondbacks Silver Slugger Winners

As it currently stands, Paul Goldschmidt is the only multi-time winner of the Silver Slugger Award with four for the Diamondbacks. For as good as he is, I also think he’s criminally underrated around the game.

Dodgers Silver Slugger Winners

The Dodgers have been around for a long time, and they’ve also experienced a lot of success as a franchise. So, having this long list of Silver Slugger winners is to be expected. But nobody has won it more than Mike Piazza, who won it five straight years. Those were the first five full years of his MLB career, and they only account for half of his career total for this honor.

Giants Silver Slugger Winners

Barry Bonds is the Giants‘ all-time leader in Silver Slugger Awards with nine. He has 12 overall, which is an MLB record. The other three came with the Pittsburgh Pirates (which you’ll see). When we combine these occurrences, though, Bonds had two separate streaks of winning the award five years in a row.

Guardians Silver Slugger Winners

Jose Ramirez‘s 2022 Silver Slugger Award tied him with Albert Belle for the most in Guardians history with four. Since it appears that Ramirez has no signs of slowing down, he’ll likely take over the top spot in the near future.

Mariners Silver Slugger Winners

Ken Griffey Jr. is littered all over the Mariners’ single-season and all-time home run leaderboards. So, you knew it was just a formality that his seven Silver Sluggers are the most in Seattle’s history. I also like how Edgar Martinez spread his five awards out over an 11-year span.

Marlins Silver Slugger Winners

We’ve got a four-way tie for the most Silver Sluggers in Marlins history at two. Miguel Cabrera and Hanley Ramirez are the only two that have done it in consecutive years. But, Giancarlo Stanton‘s 2017 award-winning campaign was certainly the most powerful one of them all.

Mets Silver Slugger Winners

In addition to holding this honor with the Dodgers, Mike Piazza’s four Silver Sluggers in New York are also the most in franchise history. However, David Wright is the most recent Mets hitter to win the award in consecutive years.

Team-By-Team Look at Silver Slugger Award Winners

Nationals Silver Slugger Winners

There are a lot of Silver Slugger winners in Expos/Nationals history that I’m not surprised to see here. I knew Ian Desmond captured some during his career. However, I have no recollection of him winning three in a row. Such is life, though. You learn something new every day.

Orioles Silver Slugger Winners

Cal Ripken Jr. revolutionized the shortstop position during his Hall of Fame career. Finally, that spot on the diamond could be viewed as more than just a glove-first player. And if that point wasn’t already clear, winning eight Silver Slugger Awards with the Orioles will certainly help.

Padres Silver Slugger Winners

Tony Gwynn proved that being an offensive force can go beyond hitting home runs. His 135 career dingers are among the most in Padres history, but that’s not a ton in the grand scheme of things. However, he still collected seven Silver Slugger Awards. That almost matched the number of batting titles he won (eight).

Pirates Silver Slugger Winners

It’s been a while since we’ve had an opportunity to see prime Andrew McCutchen on the field. Just in case anyone needs a reminder of just how good he really was after coming up with the Pirates, the above video will help.

Phillies Silver Slugger Winners

If you asked me to pick which of Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, or Jimmy Rollins won more Silver Sluggers with the Phillies, my answer would’ve been Howard. However, Utley has more (four) than Howard and Rollins combined (two). Being an elite offensive producer at second base will do that.

Rangers Silver Slugger Winners

These types of posts are a great reminder as to just how good certain players were. For instance, when I think of Ivan Rodriguez, I think about him throwing out base stealers with his cannon for an arm. He’s a 13-time Gold Glove winner, so I’m not the only one who goes there in their mind. However, Pudge also won seven Silver Sluggers during his career, six of which came with the Rangers.

Rays Silver Slugger Winners

Carlos Peña’s 2007 season with Tampa Bay was the beginning of a very powerful tenure with the Rays. He slugged 46 home runs during that campaign, which is still a franchise record. The first baseman slugged 163 dingers across five years with the organization, which ranks second in team history.

Reds Silver Slugger Winners

I just talked about how Cal Ripken Jr. revolutionized how we looked at shortstop with regard to offense. Barry Larkin did a pretty good job of it, as well. He didn’t provide as many homers during his Hall of Fame career, but he provided the power/speed combination. Larkin became the first shortstop to join the 30-30 club by doing it with the Reds in 1996.

Red Sox Silver Slugger Winners

David Ortiz hit 541 homers during his MLB career. Nearly 33% of them (177 dingers) came during the four-season span between 2004 and 2007 when he won four straight Silver Sluggers. Now, that’s what you call domination. He added a single-season Red Sox record of 54 homers in 2006 for good measure, too.

Rockies Silver Slugger Winners

Todd Helton endeared himself to Rockies fans throughout his MLB career, and he’s also atop the franchise’s home run record books. He’s tied with Larry Walker for the single-season record and is the sole owner of the all-time mark.

Royals Silver Slugger Winners

There was quite a bit of a gap there, but Salvador Perez is the first Royals player to win multiple Silver Sluggers with the team since George Brett and Willie Wilson in the 1980s.

Tigers Silver Slugger Winners

In a similar scope, Miguel Cabrera did something for the Tigers that hadn’t been done in quite some time. His multiple Silver Slugger Awards are the first time it’s happened for the franchise since Mickey Tettleton won his second straight one in 1992.

Twins Silver Slugger Winners

Kirby Puckett‘s place in Twins history regarding Silver Sluggers is similar to what Harmon Killebrew has done for Minnesota’s single-season and all-time home run leaderboards. Puckett is the only Twins hitter with six of these awards. However, Joe Mauer gave it a good run by winning five in a row himself.

White Sox Silver Slugger Winners

Judging from how much Frank Thomas appears on various franchise home run leaderboards, you’d assume he’d have a whole boatload of Silver Slugger Awards from his White Sox tenure. It’s not like four isn’t a lot, but it’s a little surprising. He does have two AL MVPs and is in the Hall of Fame, so I think that’ll make up for it.

Yankees Silver Slugger Winners

I wish Silver Sluggers were around when Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig played. Man, they would’ve cleaned up with these awards. Joe DiMaggio, too. The list goes on and on. It’s not like there aren’t any Yankees on this list, though. There are 22 different players who have won at least one Silver Slugger while donning pinstripes.

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