2024 Corey Seager Home Run Tracker (Videos & Stats)

corey seager home run tracker

Last Updated on July 12, 2024 by Matt Musico

It doesn’t matter what shortstop Corey Seager does from here. Another World Series MVP performance in 2023 for the Texas Rangers has endeared him to the fan base forever. The left-handed slugger probably has much more production planned for the remainder of his 10-year, $325 million contract. We’ll keep tabs on his power this year with our 2024 Corey Seager Home Run Tracker.

Seager’s 2023 campaign got off to a late start because of an injury. He only suited up for 119 games and 536 plate appearances. However, he fit more than a full year’s worth of production into that opportunity. He slashed .327/.390/.623 with 33 homers, 42 doubles, 96 RBI, and 88 runs scored. This resulted in an All-Star Game appearance, his third Silver Slugger Award, and a second-place finish in AL MVP Award voting.

2024 Corey Seager Home Run Tracker

Home Run No. 1: April 3 vs. Tampa Bay Rays

Distance: 346 feet

Exit Velocity: 95 mph

Home Run No. 2: April 27 vs. Cincinnati Reds

Distance: 396 feet

Exit Velocity: 107.4 mph

Home Run No. 3: May 6 vs. Oakland Athletics

Distance: 422 feet

Exit Velocity: 107.6 mph

Home Run No. 4: May 10 vs. Colorado Rockies

Distance: 403 feet

Exit Velocity: 108.2 mph

Home Run No. 5: May 14 vs. Cleveland Guardians

Distance: 362 feet

Exit Velocity: 109.1 mph

Home Run No. 6: May 19 vs. Los Angeles Angels

Distance: 352 feet

Exit Velocity: 101.9 mph

Home Run No. 7: May 21 vs. Philadelphia Phillies

Distance: 379 feet

Exit Velocity: 103.3 mph

Home Run No. 8: May 22 vs. Philadelphia Phillies

Distance: 401 feet

Exit Velocity: 107 mph

Home Run No. 9: May 24 vs. Minnesota Twins

Distance: 417 feet

Exit Velocity: 107.1 mph

Home Run No. 10: May 26 vs. Minnesota Twins

Distance: 404 feet

Exit Velocity: 108.9 mph

Home Run No. 11: May 26 vs. Minnesota Twins

Distance: 373 feet

Exit Velocity: 98.3 mph

Home Run No. 12: May 28 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks

Distance: 388 feet

Exit Velocity: 102.4 mph

Home Run No. 13: May 29 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks

Distance: 364 feet

Exit Velocity: 97.7 mph

Home Run No. 14: June 12 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers

Distance: 422 feet

Exit Velocity: 111 mph

Home Run No. 15: June 29 vs. Baltimore Orioles

Distance: 416 feet

Exit Velocity: 104.2 mph

Home Run No. 16: July 7 vs. Tampa Bay Rays

Distance: 382 feet

Exit Velocity: 102.6 mph

Home Run No. 17: July 8 vs. Los Angeles Angels

Distance: 457 feet

Exit Velocity: 106.9 mph

Home Run No. 18: July 12 vs. Houston Astros

Distance: 344 feet

Exit Velocity: 97.5 mph

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