MLB HR Leaders 2023: Everything You Need to Know

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Last Updated on October 4, 2023 by Matt Musico

Here at MLB Daily Dingers, we love looking back at home run history. That doesn’t mean we don’t pay attention to what’s happening in today’s game, though. With that in mind, we wanted to provide a comprehensive look at MLB HR Leaders 2023 below.

Players with the most home runs are talked about, but it goes beyond that. We try to slice and dice the home run leaders in as many ways as possible.

My plan is to update this consistently throughout the season. At the very least, it will be once a week. But ideally, it’ll be a little more frequent than that. With each category below, there will also be a link to a live leaderboard should it be slightly outdated.

MLB HR Leaders 2023: The Complete Guide

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Players with the Most Home Runs

Matt Olson has won the 2023 MLB home run crown with 54 homers.

Here’s what the rest of the top 27 looks like:

Players with the Most Home Runs Each Month


Max Muncy led baseball with 11 home runs. He accomplished that in 25 games played and 103 plate appearances.

Patrick WisdomRafael Devers, and Pete Alonso rounded out the top four with 10 homers each. Matt Olson, Adolis Garcia, and Rowdy Tellez each hit eight through the first month of the season.


Three players enjoyed a month of 10-plus homers during the month of May: Aaron Judge (12), Jorge Soler (12), and Pete Alonso (10). Judge gets extra credit for being the only one to do in fewer than 100 plate appearances.

Four other players all hit nine dingers in May: Betts, Perez, Olson, and Marcell Ozuna.


There were three players who slugged double-digit home runs in June. But still, nobody went on a heater quite like Ohtani. He hit 15 dingers, which means that up to this point in the year, half of his total homers came in one month of play. Luis Robert Jr. and Matt Olson (11 each) were the other two to reach double digits.


Manny Machado was the only big leaguer to slug double-digit homers during the month of July. He finished with 11 for the Padres. Shohei Ohtani, Austin Riley, and Max Muncy all finished second with nine homers each.


Five players slugged at least 10 home runs in August. Four of them (Bryce Harper, Corey Seager, Kyle Schwarber, Jorge Soler) hit exactly 10. The only one who hit more than that was Mookie Betts, who slugged 11. It was part of a wild month where he hit .455/.516/839 in 126 plate appearances.


Four players hit double-digit homers down the stretch of the 2023 regular season. Soto and Schwarber both hit 10, but Olson and Acuña tied at the top with 11 dingers each. They also combined for 50 RBI, 53 runs scored, and 3.4 fWAR.

Teams with the Most Home Runs

The Braves tied the 2019 Twins for the most home runs in a single season with 307. Here’s how the rest of the top 10 shook out:

  • Los Angeles Dodgers: 249 home runs
  • Minnesota Twins, Texas Rangers: 233
  • Los Angeles Angels: 231
  • Tampa Bay Rays: 230
  • Houston Astros: 222
  • Philadelphia Phillies: 220
  • New York Yankees: 219
  • new York Mets: 215

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Most Home Runs in a Game for a Player

We entered the 2023 season in a drought with regard to someone hitting four home runs in a game. J.D. Martinez remains the most recent player to accomplish the feat. He did it on September 4th, 2017 as a member of the Diamondbacks.

There have been eight different three-homer games so far this season. The first was Trayce Thompson, who did it on April 1st.

The second was Adolis Garcia, who did it on April 22nd.

The third was done by Paul Goldschmidt, who did it on May 7th.

The fourth was done by Jordan Diaz, who did it on May 9th.

The fifth was done by Jose Ramirez on June 8th.

Kyle Tucker had the honor of notching the sixth three-homer game of the season.

The seventh was recorded by Aaron Judge, who slugged three homers in one game for the first time in his career on August 23rd.

The eighth three-homer performance of the year came from the man who beat out Judge in the 2017 AL MVP race, Jose Altuve. He did it for the Astros on September 5th.

Just because once wasn’t enough, Judge produced his second three-homer game of 2023 on September 22nd. It was also the last such performance of the regular season, as well.

If you’re curious as to when the most recent three-homer performance was for every MLB team, then check out our blog post about it.

2023 Home Run Trackers

Part of our home run coverage here for the 2023 season at MLB Daily Dingers is tracking the power production from some of baseball’s most exciting sluggers. We’re doing this with individual home run trackers. Check them out below:

MLB HR Leaders 2023: The Complete Guide

Longest Home Runs

The longest home run of the year to this point was blasted by Shohei Ohtani, because who else would it be? This bad boy sailed 493 feet.

The second-longest home run of 2023 was hit by Giancarlo Stanton. He slugged this bad boy 485 feet.

Nolan Jones made everyone’s jaw drop at Coors Field with this 483-foot tank.

Kyle Schwarber does what he does best with this 483-foot moonshot. Even Ryan Howard was impressed, so you know it was good:

Brandon Crawford used the high elevation in Mexico City to club the above baseball 482 feet.

If you’d like to watch the 44 longest home runs of the season, check out our blog post.

Shortest Home Runs

TJ Friedl’s 16th home run of the season was an inside-the-parker. It also was the shortest dinger of the year, traveling just 121 feet.

Bobby Witt Jr. has the second-shortest home run of the year, but it also didn’t leave the ballpark. This went 303 feet:

Rafael Devers owns the shortest home run of the season that’s left the building thanks to wrapping this bad boy around Pesky Pole at Fenway Park. It traveled 311 feet.

Devers is tied with Luis Robert, though, who also hit a 311-foot homer to the Pesky Pole.

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Hardest-Hit Home Runs

Ronald Acuña Jr. absolutely scorched this baseball with an exit velocity of 121.2 mph. It’s the hardest-hit homer in MLB this year.

Elly De La Cruz produced a 119.2 mph exit velocity on the below tank, which traveled 467 feet.

Softest-Hit Home Runs

Brandon Belt‘s 12th homer of the season left his bat at 87.6 mph, which is the slowest exit velocity on a dinger so far in 2023.

Kyle Tucker‘s third home run of the year left his bat at 88.8 mph. At the moment, that’s the second softest-hit home run of the 2023 season.

Home Runs With Highest Launch Angle

Just when you thought nobody could hit a home run with a launch angle higher than 44 degrees, four people found a way to do it.

Willi Castro put a 47-degree launch angle on this ball, and it’s undetermined if this thing has come back down to Earth yet.

Mike Ford‘s fifth homer of the season had a trajectory of 46 degrees.

Seby Zavala‘s sixth homer of 2023 also had a launch angle of 46 degrees.

Michael A. Taylor‘s 17th home run of the year traveled 368 feet with an exit velocity of 106.3 mph, along with that 46-degree launch angle.

Home Runs with the Lowest Launch Angle

Unsurprisingly, TJ Friedl’s insider-the-parker had a launch angle of just five degrees.

Bobby Witt Jr.’s inside-the-park home run makes another appearance. This liner had a launch angle of just 12 degrees.

Yandy Diaz owns a share of the lowest launch angle in 2023 on a home run that’s actually left the building. The below dinger traveled 393 feet with an exit velocity of 114.5 mph and a launch angle of 16 degrees.

Ronald Acuña Jr. also hit a home run with a 16-degree launch angle because of course he did.

Manny Machado also registered a homer with this launch angle to complete the three-way tie.

It’s been a while since Yordan Alvarez made an appearance, and his final dinger of the year had a launch angle of 16 degrees.

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