2024 Home Run Derby: Location, Tickets, Competitors, History

2024 home run derby

Last Updated on July 16, 2024 by Matt Musico

It’s no surprise that we love home runs here. So, you better believe that the All-Star week event we’re most looking forward this season to is the 2024 Home Run Derby. It’d be weird if we weren’t.

To properly channel that excitement, we’re collecting information about the event as it becomes available right here.

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Where is the 2024 Home Run Derby?

The Texas Rangers will play host for the 2024 All-Star Game and All-Star Week activities/events. Globe Life Field first opened in 2020 and was home to the World Series during the pandemic-shortened season. So, with that and the Rangers winning it all in 2023, the stadium has hosted two Fall Classics before getting its first All-Star Game.

The 2024 Home Run Derby is scheduled for July 15. The time is currently to be determined, but it’s typically 8 p.m. EST.

2024 Home Run Derby Tickets

The Home Run Derby usually airs on ESPN, so it should be easy to watch if you’re not at the ballpark. But if you’re looking for tickets to this cool event, make sure you save up your pennies. Seats aren’t cheap, but there are opportunities to buy some without having to be a millionaire. It’s not like trying to buy tickets for the Super Bowl, ya know.

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Who Will Be Participating in the Home Run Derby?

While everyone wants to see Yankees slugger Aaron Judge join the field, he’s already declined. The next time we’ll see him participate in the Derby? When it comes back to New York. Shohei Ohtani has also declined a chance to join the 2024 event.

Here’s the list of players expected to participate:

Here’s How the Format is Changing in 2024

In recent years, we’ve seen sluggers go head-to-head in a bracket-style competition. That will still happen in 2024, but not immediately.

All eight sluggers will compete against one another in the first round, with the top four home run totals moving on to the semifinals. That’s where the head-to-head comes into play again. The player with the most homers in Round 1 will face the one with the fewest, with the middle two facing off against one another.

Each of the first two rounds will still be three minutes long, but there are now pitch limits involved. A player’s round will finish when his three minutes are up or he’s seen 40 pitches (whichever comes first).

This limit doesn’t include the bonus round, which no longer has a time limit in 2024. Hitters will get up to three outs within their bonus time to slug dingers. If they hit one at least 425 feet, they’ll get a fourth out.

Now that we’ve covered what’s changed, here’s what is staying the same:

Hitters receive three-minute timed at-bats in the first two rounds (two-minute at-bats in the finals). Each slugger is allowed to use one 45-second timeout. Two tiebreakers are in place. The first is a one-minute at-bat to hit as many homers as possible. If both players are still tied, they have a Swing-Off, where they get three swings each to see if the tie can be broken.

Who Won the 2024 Home Run Derby?

First-time participant Teoscar Hernandez won the 2024 Home Run Derby at Globe Life Field. He defeated Bobby Witt Jr. in the Finals, 14-13.

A Full Rundown of Home Run Derby History

Before the 2024 Home Run Derby gets underway, it’s important to revisit the event’s history by taking a stroll down memory lane. That’s where we come in to help out.

If you’re looking for a complete list of winners, full standings, old formats, and some videos, head right here. We’ve also spent time discussing the best single-round performances, the best single-derby performances, and the all-time Derby home run leaderboard.

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